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About Us

The word "legend" is too easily used in South Africa. If you refer to a person as a legend, then you are referring to someone who excelled in their field.


This is someone who has gained a lot of fame. A legend is loved by many people. First of its kind- The South African Legends Museum in Pretoria, Gauteng was established in August 2019 to pay tribute to South Africa's greatest legends. The three greatest legends of the last 100 years were named in 2016. Gé Korsten, Min Shaw & Mimi Coertse held the title. We felt that there were many other Afrikaans and English South Africans who also deserved the title of legend. Nowhere in South Africa has there been a museum or institution where our legends are honored. From this the SA Legends Museum was born.


The museum & theater pays tribute to singers, actors, writers and radio and TV personalities from the last century. The museum & theater complex's doors will be open to the public from January 2020. A total of 116 South African legends' contribution and legacy are celebrated in our building. Legends that have already died were also included. The visitors and living legends who come to visit the museum will be able to look forward to wax statues and busts of their favorite legends. The public will also receive personal memorabilia such as stage clothes, awards, gold plates etc. of the legends can behold. A video biography will also be played of each of the legends' exhibits. This museum is a first of its kind and is here to stay. 25% of ticket sales are donated to the TBF (theater assistance fund).


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The South African Legends Museum Team.